Forest School



Welcome to First Steps Forest School @ Hearth Wood, our brilliant new wonderland on the outskirts of Birmingham.

We have turned a neglected 2.7 acre woodland into a wonderful place of adventure and discovery for our pre-school children.

Every week we take a group of children into the forest to explore, climb trees, create natural art, eat and play together, build a fire, create dens, wriggle under bridges, jump over obstacles and let their imaginations run wild.

Under the watchful eye of our experienced and qualified forest school leaders, and supported by their own nursery staff, the children are encouraged to seek out adventure independently.


We are committed to the forest school ethos. The idea is to provide children with the opportunity to think and act independently in a setting that is not totally risk-free, in order to help them grow and develop. We provide them with opportunities and follow their lead and direction. Of course, because of their tender years, we are ever vigilant and observe every child, providing encouragement and redirection when needed.

Our staff also trigger activities and lead short sessions, including woodworking and cooking, and take the children on short walks.

We also run holiday clubs for older children and host sessions for invited neighbouring nurseries and schools.

Among the activities our children enjoy are:

  • climbing and jumping or sliding off trees
  • building dens
  • walking across and under self made bridges
  • seeking out insect life
  • creating art using leaves, sticks and flowers of the wood
  • digging into the soil
  • heaping up leaves
  • gathering wood for the woodstore and helping to chop wood
  • building the fire
  • cooking over the fire - both real and imaginary!
  • using their imaginations to
  • create make-believe worlds
  • running around
  • listening to the sounds of the forest

We love it when our parents and grandparents join us at Forest School. Please speak to your nursery manager for information.

Check out our FAQ page for more information.